What is Indies Need Booze?

Why do you even need a reason to drink with indie gamers, developers, and press? Fine, I'll give you one! Back in 2013, these two guys named Jacob Clark and John Cunningham had this idea for a party. Not just any party though! It involved booze, indies, and one epic bar. Then they told a shit load of people and eventually it turned into a "thing". This "thing" somehow got featured by other "things" known as websites. Before we knew it a good 10% of people feared our names!!!

Why should you trust these guys to throw a kick ass party? You probably shouldn't, but when booze is involved judgment gets impaired. They have been tricking people (including developers) into drinking with them since 2011! Don't believe me?  Well, famous people like Klei Entertainment, Owlchemy Labs, Dejobaan Games, 24 Caret Games, Final Form Games, Pwnee Studios, and Vlambeer have all been duped.  We continue plans to sucker people and dominate the world to this very day.

Finally some quotes from the party-goers!

Guest #1: "I drank till I passed out."

Guest #2: "Who the hell are you people?"

Guest #3: "I thought you told me there would be punch and pie?!"

Guest #4: "I should have never had tequila shots after ten beers"

There you have it!  At least four people think we are awesome. These quotes were in no way made up by us. How dare you even insinuate such a thing! All these guests are my good friends, especially Guest #2, we are tight yo!  We have brunch on Sundays and shit.